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Genie SuperLift Advantage SLA

The Material Lift with the Largest Selection of Load Handling Attachments and Accessories Anywhere.

Super Lift Advantage SLAThe Genie SuperLift Advantage is a package of options you select to design the Superlift you need and want... and you get more value for your money.

It's easy as one, two, three...

1. Choose the base and the mast-- either 
    Standard Base with five different lifting heights-- or 
    Straddle Base with three different lifting heights.
2. Choose your winch--one speed or two speed.
3. Choose the load handling attachments you need.

SuperLift Advantage SLA Models available for purchase online:

Genie SuperLift
Advantage Standard Base

Genie SuperLift
Advantage Straddle Base

Genie SuperLift Advantage Standard Base

Standard Base

  • SLA-5
    Lifts 1000lbs to 4ft 10.5 inches
  • SLA-10
    Lifts 1000lbs to 9ft 9 inches
  • SLA-15
    Lifts 800 lbs to 14ft 7.5 inches 
  • SLA-20
    Lifts 800 lbs to 19ft 6 inches 
  • SLA-25
    Lifts 650 lbs to 24ft 4 inches

Genie SuperLift Advantage Straddle Base

Straddle Base

Download Superlift Advantage product brochure and spec sheet.

Standard Features:

  • Patented telescoping mast system
  • Heavy duty design for compactness, safety, strength and rigidity
  • Quick set-up requires no tools and is ready to work in seconds
  • Easy to load
  • Compact design - legs fold up for easy storage
  • In the stored position, roller wheels on the base of the legs allow the unit to be easily pushed around
  • Hold-down bar holds mast assembly in place during transport


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