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Server Lifts

Mitigate Risk, Increase Efficiency and Reduce Costs in the Data Center

Data center moves and server upgrades involve the risky of handling rack mounted equipment. Typically data center staff use manual labor to move equipment, thus making the data center an unsafe environment. Even the most senior IT staff faces danger when asked to deploy or decommission data center equipment.

Leading data centers around the world trust ServerLIFT brand solutions to reduce the risk of injuring staff and/or damaging valuable rack mounted equipment.

Electric ServerLIFT

  • 500 lbs. Lifting Capability
  • Touch-Stop Sensor
  • Dual Smart Controls
  • Follows OSHA guidelines

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Manual ServerLIFT

  • 350 lbs. Lifting Capability
  • Powerful hand crank
  • Lowers to the lower level of racks
  • Compact Design

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Server Lift SL-1000X

Electric ServerLIFT

  • Powered lifting with the touch of a button.
  • TouchSTOP™ sensor prevents overhead damage.
  • Side loading with 6” of movement to either side.
  • Heavy duty platform resists sagging and twisting.
  • Smart Controls for fast lifting and precise alignment.
  • Dual locking stabilizer brakes.
  • Compact, maneuverable design.
  • Non-hydraulic electric winch easily lifts 1000 lbs. to top of 9 foot rack.

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  Server Lifts

Whether you work in a Data Center or you keep your computers in-house, having a Genie Server Lift will prevent physical injury and protect your expensive equipment from severe damage.

We recommend two product lines for moving computers, servers, UPSs, and other expensive Data Center equipment.  The Genie GL series and the Genie Load Lifter.

GL-CB Genie Lift with Counterweight Base
Our most popular line is the Genie Lift with Counterweight Base (3-models).
These models offer plenty of lifting capacity without the awkward front legs that interfere with computer racks. Standard Rear Swivel Casters (with side-brakes) provdie exceptional maneuverability.  A Load-Platform is an excellent addition.

  • Genie GL-4-CB Genie Lift with Counterweight Base
    (500 lbs. to 4 feet - 1.5 inches) *
  • Genie GL-8-CB Genie Lift with Counterweight Base
    (400 lbs. to 8 feet - 3.0 inches) *
  • Genie GL-10-CB Genie Lift with Counterweight Base
    (350 lbs. to 9 feet - 10.5 inches) *


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