We specialize in the sale of genuine GENIE material lifts accessories and repair parts.   We represent RackLift data-center lifting equipment.
Models available: Genie Lift Standard Base, Genie Lift Straddle Base, Genie Lift Counterweight Base, Genie Superlift Advantage Standard Base, Genie Superlift Advantage Straddle Base, Genie Super Lift Contractor, Genie Super Hoist, Genie Load Lifter, and Genie Lift Super Tower. We also sell Genie Material Lift Parts.

Genie Material Lift Options and Accessories Need parts for your Genie Material Lift ™ products? Check out our Genie Lift Parts Page. Browse our brochure section for up-to-date Genie Lift™ brochures and spec sheets.