GL-10 Genie Lift with Counterweight Base


(350 lbs. to 9 feet – 10.5 inches)

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  • Short 9-inch front legs let you get close to your load.
  • Standard Wheels: 5 inch Rear Swivel Casters with Side Brakes and Fixed 4 inch Front Wheels
  • Standard Fork and Manual Winch
  • Lift Capacity At 12 inch Load Center: 350 lb
  • Maximum Lift Height: 9 ft-10.5 in
  • Height in “Up” configuration: 11 ft-7.5 in

Options and Accessories:

  • Load Platform (22 inches wide x 23 inches long)
  • Boom (20 inch reach w/ clevis hook)
  • Heavy-Duty Winch
  • Ladder not available on counterweight model

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