MLM-12 (Mini-Pro Series)


Lift Heights

  • Standard forks – up:        12 ft 6 ½ in
  • Standard forks – down:  10 ft 10 in

Height – Stowed:             5 ft 2 ¾ in

Length – Stowed:             33 1/8 in

Width – Stowed:              30 ½ in

Forks: 30 in (length) x 23 in (width – outside)

Weight: 265 lbs

Load Capacity:

  • 14 in load center:             700 lbs
  • 24 in load center:             440 lbs
  • 42 in load center:             185 lbs

Add Fork Extensions

Add Adjustable Forks

Add Stabilizers w/non-marking casters

Add Smart-Latch

Add a Boom

Add a Load Platform

Add a Pipe Cradle

Select Delivery Method

Non-marking rear transport wheel

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  • Includes Non-Marking Rear Transport Wheels – featuring Clear-Path
  • Narrow base width and ultra-compact lowered mast height makes it easy to
    maneuver through a single door without having to tilt the machine back.

Easy to Transport

Featuring loading wheels that can be quickly adjusted to various tailgate heights providing
easy loading and transport to and from the job site. Can be transported in some vans and SUVs.

The Next Generation of Material Lifts

Designed specifically for the construction equipment markets – providing
exceptional specifications, features, durability and performance.

Higher Productivity

Best-in-class load capacity and a US made dual-handle, shift-on-the-fly, two-speed winch, that can raise your load twice as fast as competitive models, lets you complete your jobs faster than ever before.


Robust, construction-grade cast metal cable pulleys, heavier-gauge aluminum extrusions, and US made Colson® Performa non-marking casters provide far-superior durability and extended service life.


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